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Recreational Vehicle Storage

FMWR maintains three storage lots that accommodate small and large vehicles and one resale lot.

  • Lot A is gated. It's located next to the Auto Crafts Center (Bldg. 9035 Battlefield Dr).
  • Lot B is gated. It's located on the right side of Clarke Avenue, directly across from 2nd street.
  • Lot C is not gated. It's located at the corner Clarke Avenue & 32nd Street (off Sustainment Avenue by Liberty Chapel). Lot C offers the option of long-term storage, as well as vehicle sales.
  • Commissary parking lot, behind the gas station.

All vehicles must be registered and insured, and owner must be able to pass installation access requirements.



Active Duty Military Personnel

Lot Size


Small Slot $50
Large Slot $60



Lot Size


Small Slot $70
Large Slot $80


Resale Lot

Lot Size  Monthly
Small Slot $25
Large Slot $49